Sierra Web-Internet

You have reached this article because you found a charge on your credit card for some amount on some day with the charging company listed as Sierra Web-Internet.

It also probably means that you have no record of what you charge on your credit card account other than what the card company sends to you. Otherwise you would have looked back through actual receipts or account registers to find that charge date and would have found the amount of the purchase and would then know why and by whom your card was charged.

Instead you Googled the ‘company’ listed on your credit card statement and found this site – Why? Because this business ( Sierra Web Solutions LLC. ) has Sierra in its name and has Web in its name and this business builds websites for small to medium businesses on the Internet. And it does a very good job of letting the search engines like Google know that.

Sierra Web Solutions, LLC did not charge your credit card for anything. If it had your charge statement would say the charge was from Sierra Web Solutions, LLC..

What we would like you to do is report the charge as fraudulent and refuse to pay it. Perhaps if enough of you do that the company making the charge will change the name that they use as the billing entity – that name is set by the billing company, not the credit card company.

If you don’t want to do that then go to and complain to them – they do business as Sierra, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and Sierra Trading Post but bill internet purchases from any of their outlets with the totally unhelpful name that you are seeing on your credit card statement.

As they say in the movies ‘Follow the Money’ – it certainly isn’t coming to me…

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